This session I will focus on improving the quality of life in our communities.

Too often, decisions made by our State Legislatures benefit the privileged few, while those who benefit the least are asked to make the greatest sacrifices. Those sacrifices hurt our neighborhoods and make it harder to achieve economic growth. As your State Representative I will bring a new vision to Indianapolis. With faith that this vision will create a better quality of life for Hammond, and Whiting residences.

I am committed to:

Improve Local Schools

Provide fully funded Pre-K educational opportunities. Working with our schools systems to ensure that each student is afforded the same opportunity for success.

Better Quality of Life

Encourage new job growth and increase minimum hourly wages. Create additional social service programs with enhancements for seniors, veterans and youth.

Improving Communities

Support local law enforcement agencies and the judicial system by helping to make our communities safer. Implementing programs that protect our seniors and the most vulnerable adults from financial scams.