This session officially began January 3, 2019. For the next two years I have been assigned to serve as Ranking Minority Member on the Select Government Reductions Committee, Minority Member on the Environment Affairs Committee and Family Children and Human Affairs Committee.

As your Representative I listened to your concerns and I have authored 8 bills for consideration. Please understand these bills have to pass both House and Senate to become law.

Bills Authored this Session

  • HB 1047 Equal pay and wage disclosure protection
  • HB 1048 Firearm storage
  • HB 1049 Surrender of firearms for domestic violence crimes
  • HB 1090 Railroad Crossings
  • HB 1195 Ban on sale of loud fireworks
  • HB 1313 Rape kit audit
  • HB 1321 GPS devices and starter interrupter devices
  • HB 1433 Drinking water testing in schools and child care facilities
Co Authored the following Bills:
  • HB 1507 Residency restrictions for Sex Offenders
  • HB 1451 Circuit Breaker Grant for Library
  • HB 1533 Residency of Public Safety Officers
Co Authored Resolution
  • HB3 Commemorating Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • HCR 7 Recognizing January as ZHuman Trafficking Awareness Month.
  • HR 4 Memoralizating Erica Lee Frazier Stum.
  • HR 9 Celebrating Black History Month.